I love going to the lingerie store and picking out little gifts for myself. The way the attendants handle everything so gently and wrap them in tissue paper makes it feels so feminine and special!

But when I get to take someone with me and make them the center of attention? Oh. My. Gawd! It's amazing!

Mike and I entered the store with one mission: find the softest hose possible. I wanted to give him the best foot

job ever in them! He loved the way they clung to my legs, wrapping their way up my calves and thighs, netting even my toes together in satiny, shiny delight.

So, we went from row to row, testing fabrics. Some were too coarse, but some were as smooth as silk, but the wrong color. I finally found a pair that was like butter through my fingers and just the right shade of nude for what I had in mind.

"What about these ones, hun? They're so soft and silky!" I whisper excitedly as I picked them up.

I pushed the tan hose at Mike, hopeful that he'll like them. My big, hopeful eyes watched him intently as he took in the hose, and a smile spread across my face as he began nodding shyly.

"Yay! Ok, let's go check out and then tell the cashier we're going to look around some more." I said with a wink.

We made our way to the front and paid. Once our sexy hose are bagged up, I grabbed Mike's hand and begin tugging him towards the changing rooms.

"Come on, hun. There's something I've always wanted to try."

I giggled as I closed the changing room door behind us, whispering "Remember, you're not allowed to cum until I tell you to," as I pull the hose out of the bag.

Along the back wall of the stall is a bench, as I pull the tight nude hose up, I sit on it, instructing you to pull your pants down and kneel in front of me.

"We've got to be really quiet though, so shhh!" I whisper as I finish pulling up my sleek hose. They shimmered on my legs and feet as I moved under the overhead lights.

I stretched my legs out, cupping Mike's cock and a shudder ran through his body.

"You like that, baby?" I whispered as I caressed his dick with my feet. I pumped it with the arches, slowly, watching his face as I controlled him.

"You're so hard already, Mike. Each vein feels so sexy against the bottom of my feet with these silky hoses in between us. It just glides."

I picked up the pace, then. Fully stroking Mike's cock with my feet, it dripping precum on my soles. I felt like a Goddess!

"You're so naughty, Mike! Do you want to explode for me? I can see your balls twitching, you'd better ask nicely so you can explode all over my new hose."

And he did ask nicely. So nicely.

"Please, please let me cum. It feels amazing!"

"hahaha! Alright! Go on, cum on my hose-covered feet!"

I pumped him hard and fast until his balls drew up and his cock lost control. It made an unsightly mess, but that's ok, Mike helped me clean it up.

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